Hotel pool uses bestUV systems

From its succesful range AlfaLine UV, bestUV delivered UV systems for treatment of several children pools.

Treatment of children pools is both important and difficult. Important, because of the sensitivity of young children for chloramines (bounded chlorine) and difficult, because young children create high amounts of chloramines in swimming pools.

Based on many years of practical experiences and comparisons of many results, bestUV developed its own ‘Code of Design’ (CoD). The CoD combines several pool parameters and the use of bestUV’s own UV lamps. 

Besides low amounts of chloramines in water and air, the bestUV systems also provide lowest operational costs for the pool. 

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Certification bestUV systems

bestUV has received the official hygienic certificates for all bestUV systems by the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene (NIPH – NIH) in Poland. The institute offers expertise for the Polish government, NGOs and civil society in the field of public health, risk assessment and indications to avoid risks.

One of the requirements to deliver ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems to the Polish drinking- and wastewater market is the official PZH-approval by the NIPH – NIH. To get the official certificate, bestUV provided all required documents and information about their UV systems. After an intense check of the information bestUV received the official certificate. The certificate is valid until 2017. 

As a result, the BetaLine, BetaLine-E, GammaLine, DeltaLine, PhiLine and KappaLine UV series are now official PZH-certified.

On top of these markets and products bestUV also anticipated on future requirements for other markets such as industry and public pools. For these future markets bestUV also recieved the hygienic certificate for AlfaLine and SigmaLine.

bestUV is the first UV supplier in 2012, officially certified to use all of their products for all the public markets in Poland.

The mission of the NIPH – NIH is to protect the health of the population is supported by bestUV, providing a safe product to the markets in Poland.

Comparison of lamp technologies for public pools

A comparison between the two UV lamp technologies: low- and medium pressure (LP and MP) for use in swimming pools is available now.  The differences in reduction of chloramines (mono-, di-, and trichloramine) and microorganisms are described with references to scientific reports.

The document is written by the ‘experts in ultraviolet light’ especially for operators to help in selection of the best lamp technology available for pool water treatment.

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Comparing repair tendencies between low- and medium-pressure UV lamps

This microbiological document is a summary of a literature study comparing microbial dark- and light-repair tendencies after UV exposure. The author describes the differences between low- and medium-pressure UV lamps. This document is especially interesting for those applications where (sun)light is exposed after UV treatment of water (a.o. wastewater, poolwater, ballastwater, fountains etc).

The document can be downloaded as PDF document by clicking here.

You can contact the author by sending an e-mail.