bestUV systems for safe drinking water

Dutch manufacturer bestUV was selected to supply two ultraviolet (UV) systems for a communal drinking water plant in Europe. 

The purpose of the bestUV systems is to protect the local citizens against potential pathogens in the drinking water. The UV dose applied is based on local requirements of at least
400 J/m2 (at the end of lamplife).

BestUV systems were selected because of the compact size, robust construction of the UV reactors and cabinets and shown references.

The bestUV systems include strong adjustable medium-pressure (MP) UV lamps and are equipped with integrated automatic cleaning mechanisms to prevent fouling of the protective quartz sleeves. The unique absolute UV sensor, a development of bestUV, controls all UV lamps continuously and provides a UV signal to the local and central PLCs. 

Both controlled by individual PLCs with local read-out of UV dose (mJ/cm2) and UV intensity (W/m2) as well as actual status of the UV systems. 

Since the start-up, in August 2010 (over 12.000 hours ago) the UV lamps are not replaced and still provide sufficient UV dose to the drinking water.