Ultraviolet (UV) light is an established method for treating water in a swimming pool. The experts of bestUV have two decades of practical experience in the use of UV light to treat swimming pool water. bestUV applies this experience to determine the most effective and economical UV system to break down bound (or combined) chlorine levels (typically the source of the ‘chlorine smell’).

The lamp technology, which is most effective in reducing bound chlorine to required levels, uses UV lamps with multiple wavelengths. A broad spectrum of wavelengths is proven to effectively to break down bound chlorine (or chloramines), especially trichloramine (TCA). It is TCA which is most volatile and likely to irritate eyes, nose and lungs.

bestUV uses polychromatic UV lamps. These are short and compatible with most compact UV chambers. The high-grade stainless steel UV reactors ensure very little headloss and can be protected against attack by humidity and/or corrosive pool air in technical rooms.

bestUV is now bringing to the swimming pool market a smart, economical solution with many years of practical experience.

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