AlfaLine UV

AlfaLine UV, the most compact UV system, is designed for all types of water treatment.

The so-called “I-shape”, where the water’s inlet and outlet are in one line, results in low headloss, and very easy installation in new or existing pipelines.

The long-life medium-pressure UV lamps are compact and emit a broad spectrum of wavelengths with a high intensity.

AlfaLine UV systems prevent fouling of the quartz sleeves and UV sensor with an effective manual or electrical ‘anti-fouling mechanism’.

The Power Control System (PCS) enables the UV lamps to run at the most optimal setting to save energy and increase lamplife. This reduces operational costs and increases your return on investment.

The Lambda PLC controller ensures optimal operation of the AlfaLine UV. It provides the operator with valuable information about inputs and outputs, actual UV dose, UV intensity, lamp and system running hours, 4-20mA UV output, maintenance, warnings and alarms. The controller can be equipped with a BUS-connection to communicate with an external master PLC.

Contact the ‘experts in ultraviolet light’ to fully optimise your new or existing water treatment system with bestUV technology.