Computational Fluid Dynamics

Ultraviolet disinfection systems for water are proven to provide reliable reduction of pathogens and food-spoiling microorganisms in the UV treated water if sized and operated correctly. Most important for the successful prediction and operation of a UV system is to test the system’s performance under all potential conditions.

In recent years UV sizing models, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), have been introduced to guide system design and predict performance in the intended environment.

best UV experts base system size on conservative estimations for peak flow conditions, water quality, and design UV dose. Using CFD-modeling, the experts are able to test and predict system performance under all kinds of conditions.

bestUV also uses CFD modeling to design systems with the highest level of energy-efficiency to ensure the smallest carbon footprint. It does so without sacrificing safety or the effectiveness of the disinfection process. 

bestUV uses ‘in-house’ CFD models that are controlled and optimized by practical bio-assay results.

As a result of our CFD-modeling, performance of a bestUV system is guaranteed.

Contact the ‘experts in ultraviolet light’ for implementation of CFD-based bestUV systems in new or existing water treatment systems.