BetaLine UV


BetaLine UV is a series of optimized “L-shaped” units. The inlet and outlet are positioned at 90°, providing predictable hydraulics while passing the UV lamps.

The ‘L-shape’ makes BetaLine UV system installation in existing or new pipelines very simple. The UV chamber, which can be installed in a main or bypass pipeline, vertically or horizontally, is able to turn 360° around the inlet axis.

The BetaLine UV series uses low-pressure UV lamps (amalgam) which are available in different lengths, emitting a narrow band of wavelengths. The 254nm wavelength is most critical for disinfection.

Smart design positions the maintenance end flange on top of the UV chamber, so BetaLine UV maintenance is very simple and requires only basic skills. A maintenance person can easily reach components for removal or replacement.

All BetaLine UV systems prevent fouling of quartz sleeves and UV sensor by an effective manual or electrical operating ‘anti-fouling mechanism’. Even the smallest BetaLine UV unit can be equipped with an electrical anti-fouling mechanism, which is unique in the market.

Depending on the type of BetaLine UV system and the application, it can be installed with a simple or high-tech PLC controller. The user-friendly Lambda controllers ensure the BetaLine UV system operates correctly and efficiently.

Contact the ‘experts in ultraviolet light’ to fully optimise your new or existing water treatment system with bestUV technology.