Ultraviolet (UV) light in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries is used at several points in the water treatment process to protect materials, pipelines and products from microorganisms, residual disinfectants and organics in the water.

Examples of different UV light applications are:

  • disinfection (inactivate present microorganisms)
  • deozonation (breakdown of ozone)
  • dechlorination (breakdown of free chlorine)
  • dechloramination (breakdown of bounded chlorine)
  • TOC-reduction (breakdown of small organic matter)

Each application requires a specific UV dose ranging from 40 up to 1500 mJ/cm2.

The physical system requirements for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries are very different compared to other markets. These requirements pertain to:

  • construction of the UV reactor and quality of welds
  • construction of the UV measurement device
  • material and roughness of the UV reactor and internals
  • type of inlet and outlet connections
  • type and material of O-rings

The selected UV reactor and internals should also be:

  • resistant to high CIP-temperature
  • resistant to CIP-chemicals
  • resistant to present residuals

bestUV delivers systems designed for these special requirements, including material certificates (3.1B), FDA-approved components, special construction of the UV measurement device, and any kind of hygienic tri-clamp connection (DIN, ISO, SMS) used at the site.

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