Cooling water

The spread of mussels throughout rivers, lakes, and seawater has prompted concern when mussel populations clog intake pipes for cooling water.

Using chemical solutions to control mussel infestations has its drawbacks. The chlorinated organic compounds that can form are particularly undesirable. 

Consequently, scientists have focused their attention on non-chemical methods of mussel control, especially ultraviolet (UV) irradiation.

A UV system for this application is highly specialized. The UV dose required to eradicate mussels is different from regular disinfection processes, as mussels have a different sensitivity to UV light. In addition, cooling water demands are high and seawater has high levels of corrosive chloride.

bestUV designs systems specifically for this challenge. The UV reactors and internal components are manufactured with anti-corrosive materials. To meet high demand, the design integrates the strongest medium-pressure (MP) UV lamps. This also minimizes the system’s footprint and limits the quantity of UV lamps. An automatic cleaning mechanism prevents fouling of the protective quartz sleeves.

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