Artificial snow

Artificial snow machines can be necessary to assure the presence of snow in ski areas during winter time. Water used to produce artificial snow is collected from local ponds. Microbial growth, such as Legionella, in these ponds make disinfection essential before spraying the water into the air.

UV systems for artificial snow applications must be able to operate at high pressure and at a low water temperature. In some countries, water must be biodosimetric validated.

bestUV systems are proven to operate at high water pressure with low water temperature and are biodosimetric validated and approved by Onorm M5873-1 (Austria) and Norwegian Institute for Public Health. 

bestUV offers UV systems for artificial snow with capacities up to 3.000 m3/h per single unit.

State-of-the-art amalgam (LP) ECOlight UV lamps are especially validated and certified under low water temperature conditions. The UV lamps automatically adjust their power use to run in the lowest energy mode. This saves energy and reduces operational costs.

Alternatively, bestUV offers the AlfaLine UV series, equipped with high-powered (MP) lamps. These use medium-pressure (MP) lamps to operate reliably at low water temperatures.

bestUV systems are compact and robust. They can be equipped with a BUS or hardwire connection for remote operation in unmanned situations.

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