Aquaria & Zoos

The availability of clean water is vital to life; without clean water life cannot exist. ‘Dirty’ water can spread disease and increase mortality rates in aquaria.

bestUV systems are used in aquaria and zoos in:

  • fresh water
  • brackish water
  • salt water
  • chlorinated water
  • ozonated water

Based on site-specific factors, bestUV uses either low-pressure (LP) or medium-pressure (MP) UV lamp technology.

The UV reactors are constructed with corrosion free materials to prevent corrosion by high chloride containing waters, such as (artificial) sea water.

Special ‘iron-free’ UV reactors are used for sensitive environments, such as coral habitats.

The UV dose applied depends on the potential hazard or problem. Pathogens, parasites, and algae all require a specific UV disinfection approach, as well as chlorinated and/or ozonated water.

Contact the ‘experts in ultraviolet light’ to fully optimise your new or existing water treatment system with bestUV technology.