A UV system is rather simple. It contains a UV chamber, one or more UV lamps, controls and an electrical cabinet. More difficult is the challenge of selecting the correct UV system for specific applications. This requires a deep understanding of the application, the UV system and lamp technology.

bestUV offers a broad range of UV systems, which allows us to help you select the right UV system for your specific application.

Some applications require UV lamps with low gas pressure, the so-called low-pressure lamps (LP) and others have proven to be effective with UV lamps using medium gas pressure, the so-called medium-pressure lamps (MP). Certain situations may require compact UV systems, while others are more effective with larger multiple UV lamp systems.

At bestUV, we make sure your solution is the best match for your application.

Whether you need advice, or just want a second opinion, talk to us at bestUV. We enjoy our work, we enjoy the technology, and we want to make sure you are a satisfied user of ultraviolet light.

Contact the ‘experts in ultraviolet light’ to fully optimise your new or existing water treatment system with bestUV technology.