PhiLine UV


A range of 14 different PhiLine UV units are approved and certified by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH*) as a barrier against most bacteria, viruses and parasites.

The ‘L-shape’ design makes  installation quick and easy in existing or new pipelines. The chamber can be installed easily in the main pipeline or in a bypass pipeline, vertically or horizontally, which allows for a 360° turn around the inlet axis.

PhiLine UV systems use low-pressure UV lamps, which are available in different types. These lamps emit a narrow spectrum of wavelengths. Most critical is the 254nm wavelength.

Intelligent system design makes the end flange easy to remove for quick, hassle-free access to all internal components. Only basic maintenance skills are required to remove or replace parts (UV lamps, wiper rings, quartz sleeves).

PhiLine UV systems prevent fouling of the quartz sleeves and UV sensor with an effective manual or electrically operated ‘anti-fouling mechanism’.

To qualify for NIPH certification, a PhiLine UV unit includes an absolute UV sensor which can be calibrated to provide a 4-20mA signal. All PhiLine systems generate a UV-dose/intensity report as required by the NIPH.

Optional features for the PhiLine UV system include a simple LED or high-tech PLC controller. The user-friendly Lambda controllers safeguard the operation of the PhiLine.

*NIPH is the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

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