The electronic and semiconductor industry uses ultraviolet (UV) light at several points in the water treatment process to protect materials against microorganisms, residual disinfectants and traces of organic matter (TOC) in the water.

Examples of different applications using UV light are:

  • disinfection (inactivate present microorganisms)
  • deozonation (breakdown of ozone)
  • dechlorination (breakdown of free chlorine)
  • TOC-reduction (breakdown of organic matter)

Each application requires a specific UV dose, ranging from 40 mJ/cm2 for disinfection to 1500 mJ/cm2 for dechlorination.

The physical requirements of the UV systems (construction, materials, roughness) are very different compared to other markets because of the potential for releasing materials into the treated water.

bestUV produces UV systems according to these special requirements.

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