In the food industry, water is needed for all kinds of food-related processes such as cleaning, diluting, rinsing, spraying and production.

To meet the shelf-life requirements of food stuffs, process water coming in contact with food, must meet specific microbiological demands. Each production process includes specific microbiological hazards. In other words, each process should be protected against specific microorganisms.

Traditionally, UV systems for the food industry are based on ‘general UV dose’ of 25 or 40 mJ/cm2. The experts at bestUV have a different approach. bestUV designs UV systems for the food industry that are based on the specific hazards of a stage of food production. 

In certain stages of the process, microorganims can be eliminated with low UV doses. Other stages may require high UV dose. So the UV disinfection strategy in the food industry is determined by the type of industry, food stuff produced, the function of the treated water in the food process, and the location process water in the process line.

At bestUV, we create each system to specifically target the harmful microorganisms present in that stage of the process with the most lethal UV dose.

UV is a chemical-free method, which does not change the taste, color, pH, or mineral composition of the processed water. No residuals are left in the treated water.

Contact the ‘experts in ultraviolet light’ to fully optimise your new or existing water treatment system with bestUV technology.