Fountains are used to decorate buildings, city parks, and squares. While fountain water and the resulting splash or spray may not be intended to come into contact with people and animals, there is no preventing. So it is critical that fountain water is safe.

The most common threat to fountain water safety is algae growth. Presence of algae inhibits the growth of LegionellaTo prevent the spread of Legionella into the air, with risks of inhalation by visitors, fountain water must be treated.

Prior to UV treatment, disinfection systems used particle filtration to remove microorganism with varying degrees of success. Now ultraviolet (UV) in combination with filtration or chemicals is proven to be very effective in killing microorganisms such as Legionella present in fountain water.

For fountain applications, bestUV experts custom design each system. They assess a fountain’s unique characteristics and select the specific lamp technology and UV reactor properties to match. Lamp solutions typically combine low- and medium-pressure UV lamps.

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