GammaLine UV

The GammaLine UV series is the most simple and basic UV system available from bestUV. The control cabinet features an hours counter mounted directly on the UV chamber. The cabinet can be turned 90° for horizontal or vertical mounting.

The ‘L-shape’ design makes the installation of GammaLine UV very simple. The chamber can be installed easily in a main or bypass pipe, horizontally or vertically, allowing for 360° turning around the inlet axis.

The robust construction of the GammaLine UV means it can perform reliably in demanding settings, such as a ship’s machine room with high vibrations.

The GammaLine UV series uses low-pressure UV lamps which are available in different strengths and emit the 254nm wavelength. Parts can be replaced by hand; no tools are necessary.

The GammaLine UV system offers the option of a UV sensor (4-20mA) to continuously control UV lamp output and the extended controller.

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