bestUV systems for cosmetics industry in Eastern-Europe

bestUV was again awarded for delivery of several bestUV systems for a cosmetics company in Eastern-Europe.

The bestUV systems, integrated in the water treatment loop, are used for the following purposes e.g.: 

  • disinfection
  • deozonation
  • dechlorination
  • TOC reduction

All applications require their own specific UV dose (mJ/cm2) to be effective. UV for the disinfection process is totally different from the other processes. For breakdown of ozone (O3), free chlorine (HOCl/OCl-) and Total Organic Carbons (TOC) a much higher UV dose is required compared to disinfection and in some cases different combinations of UV lamps and quartz sleeves are required.

Besides bestUV’s decades of application knowledge, a very important strength of bestUV is the possibility to customize the bestUV systems according to the endusers’ requirements. The bestUV systems follow the highest standards in cosmetics and pharmaceutics industries, such as, but not limited to:

  • hygienic tri-clamp connections,  
  • hygienic construction,
  • material certificates 3.1 acc to EN 10204:2004

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bestUV awarded for delivery to Baltic State

Dutch manufacturer bestUV is again awarded to deliver ultraviolet (UV) systems for disinfection of drinking water to one of the Baltic States.

The bestUV systems are all equipped with high-efficient UV lamps and automatic cleaning mechanisms for prevention of fouling of the protective quartz sleeves and UV sensor.

The delivery is part of a waterproject financed by European Union funds for reconstruction of water and sewage systems.

The UV units will be installed in a pressure pumping station, supplying disinfected drinking water to small communities with total amount of abt. 20.000 inhibitants.

The local company already installed several bestUV systems and again selected the bestUV systems for reasons of proven reliability, effectiveness, easy maintenance and good price/quality ratio.

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