bestUV units in aquaparc

Several bestUV systems were installed in one of the largest aquaparcs in Europe. The newly constructed aquaparc was officially opened in 2010 and consists of a.o. 25m pool, several bubble and wild water baths, children’s pools and water slides. 

All pools are equipped with bestUV systems including specially developed bestUV lamps, UV sensors and cleaning devices to prevent fouling of quartz sleeves. 

The specially developed bestUV lamps* create a double effect, as they emit wavelengths for disinfection of water and for reduction of combined chlorine in the water.

The disinfection by UV light is important as it:

  • reduces dosing of free chlorine 
  • reduces formation of disinfection byproducts 
  • kills chlorine resistent microorganisms 

The breakdown of bounded chlorine is important as it:

  • reduces bounded chlorine in the poolwater 
  • reduces the supply of fresh water by
  • improves the environment in the pool 

The overall results, after over 1 year operation of using the bestUV systems are healthy and pleasant pool water and pool air. More visitors (especially children) enjoy the pools and come back. A quick return on investment.

*The bestUV lamps are following the new draft (May 2011) of the German DIN 19643-2:2011-05 chapter 4.5.5. The DIN allows the use of specific medium-pressure UV lamps only. Above described aquaparc is thus equipped according to the newest German DIN.


bestUV system ‘high in the mountains’

Dutch manufacturer bestUV was selected to supply an ultraviolet (UV) system for an accomodation in the Swiss Alps.

Before summer season of 2011 the bestUV unit was transported by helicopter to the accommodation on a height of over 2500m.

The purpose of the use of the bestUV systems is to protect the visitors against pathogens in the drinking water. The water originates from melting snow and must be disinfected before it can be used for human consumption. 

Ultraviolet light has an advantage over chemical treatment, such as chlorine, as UV does not formate chlorinated organic compounds.

BestUV system was selected because of the compact size, robust construction of the UV reactors and cabinets and the limited maintenance requirements. 

Certification bestUV systems

bestUV has received the official hygienic certificates for all bestUV systems by the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene (NIPH – NIH) in Poland. The institute offers expertise for the Polish government, NGOs and civil society in the field of public health, risk assessment and indications to avoid risks.

One of the requirements to deliver ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems to the Polish drinking- and wastewater market is the official PZH-approval by the NIPH – NIH. To get the official certificate, bestUV provided all required documents and information about their UV systems. After an intense check of the information bestUV received the official certificate. The certificate is valid until 2017. 

As a result, the BetaLine, BetaLine-E, GammaLine, DeltaLine, PhiLine and KappaLine UV series are now official PZH-certified.

On top of these markets and products bestUV also anticipated on future requirements for other markets such as industry and public pools. For these future markets bestUV also recieved the hygienic certificate for AlfaLine and SigmaLine.

bestUV is the first UV supplier in 2012, officially certified to use all of their products for all the public markets in Poland.

The mission of the NIPH – NIH is to protect the health of the population is supported by bestUV, providing a safe product to the markets in Poland.

bestUV systems for safe drinking water

Dutch manufacturer bestUV was selected to supply two ultraviolet (UV) systems for a communal drinking water plant in Europe. 

The purpose of the bestUV systems is to protect the local citizens against potential pathogens in the drinking water. The UV dose applied is based on local requirements of at least
400 J/m2 (at the end of lamplife).

BestUV systems were selected because of the compact size, robust construction of the UV reactors and cabinets and shown references.

The bestUV systems include strong adjustable medium-pressure (MP) UV lamps and are equipped with integrated automatic cleaning mechanisms to prevent fouling of the protective quartz sleeves. The unique absolute UV sensor, a development of bestUV, controls all UV lamps continuously and provides a UV signal to the local and central PLCs. 

Both controlled by individual PLCs with local read-out of UV dose (mJ/cm2) and UV intensity (W/m2) as well as actual status of the UV systems. 

Since the start-up, in August 2010 (over 12.000 hours ago) the UV lamps are not replaced and still provide sufficient UV dose to the drinking water.

Certified KappaLine for ‘semi-submersible’ accommodation platform

Dutch UV manufacturer bestUV was selected to deliver NIPH (Norwegian Institute of Public Health) approved KappaLine UV systems to be installed on a ‘semi-submersible’ accommodation platform or ‘hotel on sea’. 

A ‘semi-submersible accomodation platform’ has columns and pontoons to cause the structure to float. It  can be moved from place to place to any location where extra lodging is needed.

The KappaLine UV systems will be used for disinfection of drinking water for over 400 single bed cabins on the accomodation platform. 

The platform is built in compliance with all the latest rules and regulations within the Norwegian sector. According to these regulations the UV systems must be biodosimeteric validated by an independent third party followed by approval of the NIPH ‘Liste B’, as the platform will operate in the norwegian part of the North Sea.

The KappaLine is compact, has a very small footprint, uses unique high-efficient low-pressure UV lamps. Compared to similar compact medium-pressure UV systems the KappaLine uses abt. 3x less power consumption and provide 3x longer lamp life.

bestUV systems to treat corrosive seawater

Dutch manufacturer bestUV was selected to deliver two sets of ultraviolet (UV) systems to a power plant. The purpose of the use of the bestUV systems is to prevent growth of mussels in the heat-exchangers.

The spread of mussels via natural waters like rivers, lakes, sea water is of big concern because of clogging the pipes of a.o. heat-exchangers, reducing their cooling capacity. 

Ultraviolet light have been effectively employed to prevent clogging of mussels in the pipes of the heat-exchangers. UV light has an advantage over chemical treatment as UV does not formate chlorinated organic compounds.

In 2010 bestUV finalized the delivery of the largest seawater disinfection UV facility to prevent mussel growth for a power station in the world.The facility treats a total capacity of 6.000 m3/h (26.000 gpm) and is divided over two UV disinfection plants.

The difficult seawater application fits perfectly is the unique skills of bestUV. The combination of bestUV’s practical experiences, (micro)biological knowledge, ability of computer modeling (CFD) and engineering construction resulted in a reliable customized concept.

The engineering challenge was the presence of highly corrosive salt concentration in the warm seawater. To overcome the problem of corrosion, the UV reactors are produced from anti-corrosive materials, resisting the corrosive action of chlorides and high temperature of the seawater. 

The bestUV systems include strong medium-pressure (MP) UV lamps and are equipped with automatic cleaning mechanisms to prevent fouling of the protective quartz sleeves.

This unique application, in a challenging highly corrosive situation provides all kinds of new possibilities for environmental friendly disinfection of water by use of ultraviolet light. 

The knowledge learnt from above situation is used for applications such as ships’ ballastwater and in aquaculture and makes bestUV a stronger partner for such or other challenging applications. 

Unique compact bestUV system

The Dutch manufacturer bestUV presented a new generation of high efficiency ultraviolet (UV) systems called KappaLine UV at the Aquatech tradeshow. The range is specifically  designed, microbiologically tested and certified for the disinfection of drinking and process water. The KappaLine UV product range is officially approved for disinfection of (drinking) water.

The KappaLine UV range is unique in design and lamp technology. The basis of the design is a combination of theoretical computer modeling (CFD) and practical microbiological testing. An extensive optimization process has resulted in the unique definite shape of the KappaLine UV range and it is officially certified for use in (drinking) water.

The specially designed state-of-the-art low pressure UV lamps offer optimum efficiency, long lamp life and thus low (LCC) operating costs.

The unique and compact design, where the connecting piping flanges are positioned in one line, result in the smallest footprint and lowest possible pressure drop.

Besides the application for disinfection of (drinking) water the KappaLIne UV is also very suitable for combined UV / hydrogen peroxide processes (AOP) where organic micro-pollutants are to be destructed.

Comparison of lamp technologies for public pools

A comparison between the two UV lamp technologies: low- and medium pressure (LP and MP) for use in swimming pools is available now.  The differences in reduction of chloramines (mono-, di-, and trichloramine) and microorganisms are described with references to scientific reports.

The document is written by the ‘experts in ultraviolet light’ especially for operators to help in selection of the best lamp technology available for pool water treatment.

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High-tech location of bestUV is winner of world’s most intelligent area of 2011

bestUV is proudly based in the world’s most intelligent region. Brainport Eindhoven, the industrial high-tech heart of the Netherlands, was named ICF’s Intelligent Community of the Year for 2011.Top technology region Brainport is a breeding ground for innovation and the home base for leading companies like bestUV, world-class knowledge and research institutes. Thanks to unique high-tech cooperations, bestUV is able to innovate, invent, manufacture and sell ‘state-of-the-art’ high-tech UV systems. Download the Brainport brochure here.


New brochure

The latest bestUV brochure is available. The brochure shows the different bestUV systems and their key components and benefits. It describes the ‘three bestUV flows’, lamp technologies, materials and targets. As well as an overview of bestUV systems and markets. 

To receive the digital or hardcopy version you can contact bestUV via