Young children enjoy healthy pool water and air

Dutch UV manufacturer bestUV again succesfully runs with several UV systems in a public swimming pool. The result is: improved, pleasant and healthy air without ‘chlorine smell’.

The bestUV systems have remarkably effects on the air in the indoor swimming pool. This is important as young children enjoy to play in paddling, toddlers and whirlpool.

The amount of bounded chlorine is below 0,20 ppm, meaning that the level of bounded chlorine follows the strict german regulations DIN 19643-1(5.3.16) of max. 0,20 ppm of combined chlorine.

It is very important for young children to prevent exposure to high amounts of chloramines, especially trichloramines (TCA). Many international reports confirm the health risks of exposure to trichloramines at young children.

The bestUV systems are equipped with special UV lamps. The lamps are unique, emit the specific wavelengths to breakdown a.o. trichloramine. 

Single wavelength, low-pressure (LP) UV lamps, are not used as the germicidal wavelength of 254nm, is not effective to breakdown trichloramine by direct photolysis.

It is obvious that young children, their parents and the staff feel very comfortable in the several pools treated by bestUV units. The result is a pleasant and above all healthy pool air where visitors want to stay and return.

For more information about the use of the special lamps in swimming pools, contact the experts in ultraviolet light.